About Me

Hugo the outdoor walker

My name is Hugo and I like to walk! There that is it 🙂 this is why I named the site theoutdoorwalker.com. Currently, it serves as a platform for my learning from my walks, provided with some handy tips and tricks.

I’ve started the platform because most of the subjects are questions I face or have faced in the past. This could be questions like:

  • How do I train for those longer routes or hikes.
  • What can I do to keep myself motivated during a walk that I need to complete.
  • I noticed my mental health went up, felt happier and more stress-free after walks. Why is that?

I can imagine new people to the sport, or people who are just searching for some light outdoor activities, could have these same questions.

Hope you’ll find something helpful in here, and maybe we will see each other outside sometime. Be sure to stop and say hi 🙂